He is Vengeance

from by Hope Has Failed Us


One summers night.
The last night they'll remember.
They took from me my sanity.
That which kept me moving on.
In an instant, it all crumbled away.
My world turned upside down.
In a moment of unclearity.

They robbed the innocent of his life.
They call this travesty an accident.
Neglecting all responsibility.

What have you done?

You took my only son.
My God it seems so cruel.
With no shame or remorse.
My pain will be there's.

No matter what the cost.

She said, Reach out your hand, In faith.
this will only cost, Your soul.
In return, You get vengeance.
Your blood, Will awaken, Whom you summon.
Just call out for him.
become him.

Become him.
Spirit of vengeance.

Spirit of vengeance.
Do my bidding's.
Manifest yourself.
In the form of anger.
Strike fear in there hearts.

There's no escaping the night, No place to run.
No where you can hide, To stop this savage hunt.
Vengeance will carry on, Till his job is done.
To the last drop of blood, This beast will carry on.


from Beneath They Dwell, released December 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Hope Has Failed Us Dallas, Texas

Ear-shattering and headache inducing Metal from the mighty state of Texas! Don't fuck with Texas!

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